Here is a simple Ansible playbook to install Scrapy on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 instance. It includes all the prerequisites packages for Scrapy and is based on Python 3.5.
Note: This installs the scrapy app and not scrapyd, the scrapy daemon.

The EC2 image I used is an AWS 64 bit Linux AMI (ami-ebd02392) but it should work on any recent YUM based image.

Just save the contents below as part of an Ansible role or single playbook.

- name: Install Scrapy prereqs
  yum: pkg={{item}} state=present
    - gcc
    - python35
    - python35-devel 
    - python35-pip 
    - libxml2 
    - libxml2-devel 
    - libxslt
    - libxslt-devel
    - libffi 
    - libffi-devel 
    - openssl 
    - openssl-devel

- name: Install Scrapy
    executable: pip-3.5
    name: scrapy

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